Exhibition profile

1. Communication systems and equipment, armed forces automated control systems.

2. Robotic systems.

3. Unmanned aviation: unmanned flying vehicles and systems, technologies of struggle with unmanned flying vehicles and systems.

4. Search and examination technical means.

5. High-precision weapon.

6. Laser technologies, optical-electronic.systems and equipment.

7. Means of air defence.

8. Systems and equipment of counteraction to radio intelligence, electronic warfare and radio electronic countermeasures.

9. Weapons, technologies and equipment of “Future Soldier”.

10. Armored vehicles and equipment.

11..Missile and artillery armaments and equipment.

12. Military aviation.

13. Weapons and facilities for border protection.

14. NBC Protection systems and equipment.

15. Small arms and close combat weapons.

16. Various types of ammunition for all troop branches.

17. Technical reconnaissance countermeasures systems and equipment.

18. Special purpose transport vehicles and systems.

19. .Special equipment and means for rescue operations.

20. .Video surveillance equipment and technical means of protection.

21. Information and telecommunications technologies. Information protection systems and equipment.

22. Means of individual and collective protection.

23. Combat swimmer equipment.

24. Radio-electronic components and materials. 

25. Engine building technologies in the military-industrial complex.

26. Equipment of engineer troops, road and hoisting means and mechanisms.

27. Components of military equipment, materials and technologies used in the military industry.

28. The equipment for repair of military equipment and weapons.

29. Equipment and technologies for utilization of armament, military equipment and ammunition.

30. Technical aids used for battle training of military personnel.

31. Shooting ground equipment, simulators, training equipment and aids.

32. Clothing and equipment.

33. Logistics and subsistence support of military personnel.

34. Medical support of military personnel, emergency medicine in the field conditions.

36. Telecom. Technologies, equipment, solutions and services.

37. IT-technologies ( Software development, applied IT-systems and applications. System integration, development and implementation of IT-solutions. IT-outsourcing, consulting, integration, installation and servicing support).

38. Cyber security.

39. Information security.

40. Creative engineering centers. 

41. Engineering labs.