Exhibition profile

1. Communications equipment and systems, automatic troop control systems.

2. Information and telecommunications technologies.

3. Military armored vehicles.

4. Tube, rocket and missile artillery ordnance and equipment.

5. Military aviation.

6. Anti-aircraft weapons.

7. Armaments and border protection equipment.

8. Armament and chemical, biological and radiological protection equipment.

9. Small arms and close combat equipment.

10. Ammunition of all types for any military branch.

11. Unmanned aerial vehicles and complexes (drones).

12. Means of technical counteraction to unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

13. Robotic complexes.

14. Optoelectronic equipment and systems.

15. Search and inspection equipment.

16. Means of counteracting technical reconnaissance equipment.

17. Special vehicles.

18. Special equipment and means of emergency rescue operations.

19. Security equipment.

20. Information Security and data protection.

21. Equipment of combat diver.

22. Radioelectronic components and materials.

23. Video Surveillance Equipment.

24. Laser technologies.

25. Means of individual and collective protection.

26. Means of radio reconnaissance, electronic warfare and radio countermeasures.

27. Engine building in the military-industrial complex.

28. Engineering equipment, road and lifting tools and mechanisms.

29. Components of military equipment, materials and technologies used in the military industry.

30. Military hardware and armaments repair equipment.

31. Equipment and technologies for the disposal of weapons, military equipment and ammunition.

32. Technical means of training and provision of combat training of military personnel.

33. Shooting range equipment, exercise machines, simulators.

34. Tactical gear and uniforms of military personnel.

35. Logistics and rations support for military personnel.

36. Medical support for military personnel, emergency medicine in the field.

37. Communications support. Technologies, equipment, solutions and services.

38. IT technologies (Software development, application information systems and applications. System integration, development, and implementation of IT-solutions. IT-outsourcing, consulting, consultation, installation, integration, service and support).

39. Cyber security.

40. Information security.

41. Creative Technology Centers.

42. Engineering labs.