Another Russian novelty was shown in Yerevan

The Russian company "Stilsoft" discusses an opportunity to open co-production in Armenia. This was stated by Mr. Sergey Solodyankin, the Deputy Director General of the company, to the correspondent of Sputnik Armenia during the ArmHiTec exhibition which took place in Yerevan.

The company produces several complexes. One of them are the site safety control systems (military and civil). Others are radar-location and thermal-vision systems for raider detection on many kilometers distance from the border. These complexes are autonomous which is very important in border protection environment.

The production of almost all equipment is provided entirely by the company — from metal cases to microelectronics, programming of "low level" ("insertion" of details) and "top" (programs for the user).

Moreover, the company has also presented a novelty which is now tested in Russia for the FIFA World Cup.

The "Akila" system ("eagle") recognizes faces in a flow of people. This powered box can be installed in any crowded place (including stadiums). Eight hours of effective work without external power supply is guaranteed.

"If the person is in the federal crime detection list, he will be identified on-site, and the alarm signal will be established. If the person tries to change his appearance (using glasses, fake beard, etc.) – the recognition percent falls, but all the same he will have no chance to escape" — the expert smiles.

The system will also catch those who intentionally hide their faces. Such behavior will be noted and marked as suspicious.

The useful exhibition event held in Armenia helped its guests to combine the "effective" with the "pleasant".

"Very hospitable country. Surely I will come back here for a holiday, that is already settled. As for the business program, we already discussed an opportunity to open some production in the territory of Yerevan. A very favorable prospect, as I see it", – Mr. Solodyankin says.

We already had connections with the Armenians in the past as our company is located in Stavropol city. Therefore, many Armenians "inevitably" work in our organization.

The solutions of the company are also used in Russian military forces.

"They are actively used … in multiple spots" — Mr. Solodyankin replied with a smile.

The II International exhibition of arms and defence technologies ArmHiTec-2018 was held in a period from 29 to 31 of March, 2018 on the territory of YerevanExpo center. Apart from the companies from Armenia, over 30 enterprises from 14 states of the world took part in this event.

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