Hakob Arshakyan paid a visit to Etchmiadzin Factory of Devices


The main products of the factory are equipment of civil and military importance. These include aircraft lighting fixtures, accuracy checking equipment of some of the devices on board, and more. The minister was briefed in detail about the current production processes and the available opportunities at the factory.

Mikael Ghazaryan, the general director of the factory informed the Minister that the factory also has Soviet-made machines, which, thanks to the skillful hands of Armenian specialists, have been turned into modern CNC machines.


It was also noted that the Etchmiadzin Factory of Devices is equipped with all types of machining equipment, assembly shops and in terms of electronics, manufacturing and testing laboratories.

Hakob Arshakyan highlighted especially the production process of the factory's own products and the experience of specialists, emphasizing the importance of using local products in the defense sphere of our country.

The director of the Etchmiadzin Factory of Devices told the Minister that they are ready to cooperate more actively in the work carried out in that direction.
It should be noted that the main customer of the presented products is the Russian Federation, but in the military sphere the factory cooperates with other military factories of Armenia, as part of a complete chain, parts of some military products are made in this very structure.


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