Armenia MOD: Modernization of armaments will continue

default.jpgYEREVAN. – The Ministry of Defense (MOD) of Armenia continues the process of procurement and modernization of arms. MOD spokesperson Artsrun Hovhannisyan on Thursday told this to reporters.

Asked whether the purchase of Russian arms was discussed at the last meeting between the leaders of the two countries, Hovhannisyan noted that the matter of purchase of armaments is a long process and quite complicated, and therefore it is not resolved at a fast pace.

“There is a process, and there are [arms] supplies,” the Armenian MOD spokesperson said. “We wish to continue and complement with new types [of weapons]; we are working in this direction. But everything isn’t done at once, and it’s not mandatory to announce everything.”

As for the prospects for the US selling arms to Armenia, Hovhannisyan did not comment on this matter, but said: “We need new generation, multi-functional, long-range, [and] super-accurate armaments.”

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